Holistic Weight Loss Coaching for Women Entrepreneurs

You know you’re made for more. You want to play bigger in life and business, but either your inner mean girl gets in the way or you worry others will judge you when you get in front of others in person or on camera.

This affects your marketing and your relationships, with others and with yourself.

Maybe you’re a little tired of making choices you feel guilty about afterwards and not feeling comfortable in your body!

And is it so wrong to want to feel cute again?! To enjoy getting dressed every day in clothes you like, that fit you comfortably, that you feel confident in?

You’re not alone. Many women just like you struggle with self-judgment, emotional eating, and the overwhelming pressure to succeed in both their personal and professional lives.

But here’s the thing: it doesn’t have to be this way.

Imagine playing as big as you want in your business, no longer feeling held back.

Picture yourself ...

  • Nothing but excited picking out the outfits for your next photoshoot.
  • Feeling completely confident in front of the camera and in-person at networking events, able to focus all of your attention on connection and service to the people you’re showing up for (including yourself!).
  • Not even thinking about your weight anymore – it’s effortless to maintain, and you feel completely in control and at ease around food.
This is your after story – a life filled with unwavering confidence, vibrant energy, and increased capacity to live life full out. Are you ready to step into this new chapter of your journey? The transformation starts here.

Physical and Mental Weight Loss: My Personal Journey

Hey there, fellow entrepreneur. If you’re reading this, you might resonate with the struggles I once faced – the constant battle with stress and emotional eating, the never-ending cycle of self-doubt, and the overwhelming unmet desire to show up in a bigger way in both business and life.

As someone who understands firsthand the mental weight we carry when we don’t feel comfortable in our bodies and the impact it can have on every aspect of life, I am on a mission to help others break free from this cycle. That’s why I developed a program that goes beyond traditional weight loss methods to address the root cause of overeating and emotional struggles.

Through years of personal exploration, professional training, and a deep commitment to supporting my own well-being and that of others, I’ve crafted a program that combines proven strategies with personalized coaching to guide you toward lasting transformation.

Introducing the “Weight Loss for Entrepreneurs” Program

My signature one-on-one coaching program, “Weight Loss for Entrepreneurs,” is a clear process based on three pillars: Soothe Stress, Shed Pounds, and Shine Bright. Each week I will take you through exercises, questions, and coaching to get you from where you are now to where you want to be. You will learn to embody and become the version of you that effortlessly maintains the mindset and lifestyle that gets you to AND keeps you at your ideal weight.

The Details of the Weight Loss for Entrepreneurs Program


Imagine a life where you feel proud of yourself for going after your goals without holding back. Picture yourself confidently showing up in your business, creating meaningful connections, and attracting success effortlessly.

That’s where I come in.

In my signature one-on-one coaching program, “Weight Loss for Entrepreneurs,” I address the root causes of emotional eating, guiding you through a transformative journey of self-discovery and empowerment.

Together, we’ll navigate the three pillars of lasting weight loss: Soothe Stress, Shed Pounds, and Shine Bright. Through personalized coaching, tailored protocols, and unwavering support, you’ll learn to manage stress without turning to food, develop sustainable habits for weight loss, and embrace a newfound sense of pleasure and confidence in your journey.

It’s time to invest in yourself and prioritize your well-being. Let’s embark on this journey together.


It’s entirely up to you. My approach is to support clients through life’s ups and downs, including celebrations, vacations, and holidays. I don’t advocate for strict diets or deprivation. Instead, I help clients confidently navigate life while maintaining their ideal weight. Coaching through real-life situations is key to sustainable weight loss.

Short answer: Yes. In fact, the approach I take with my clients is highly tailored to and effective for women like you.

Why? The hormonal changes women experience in perimenopause mean some things that worked in the past will not work the same way. Besides your hormonal changes, you are also in a different period of your life that comes with different stressors and circumstances. I approach stress in this program not just to address the root cause behind stress-eating habits, but because I think it’s integral to efficient, successful weight loss to address the hormonal impact of stress. The impact of stress on our hormones at the stage of perimenopause is amplified. You can make your own decisions around how you want to eat, but I will make suggestions for dietary tweaks that are entirely based on my consideration for the hormonal impact our food decisions make. The name of the game here is not calories in/calories out, it’s HORMONES: hunger hormones, satiety hormones, blood sugar regulation hormones, sex hormones, stress hormones.

In our work together, I can support you to feel completely in control of what you’re doing to care for your body, regardless of what types of food might be coming in and out of the environments you’re in and what type of modeling others are providing for you. I can be your support and accountability as you create new habits for yourself, and I can coach you through any emotional feathers you might ruffle in yourself or others. You can’t make anyone else change, but if you really do want to promote change in others, I see modeling the change yourself and how amazing it is without dragging others along is the best way to achieve this while taking care of your relationships (and sanity!).

That is a common denominator for all of my clients so far, so you’re in good company. In this program, we will tailor your coaching to exactly what you need to lose the weight and keep it off.

First, I invite you to imagine how much time this will free up for you. How often are you distracting yourself with food? How much of your time and mental energy is spent thinking about food, thinking about your weight and appearance, experiencing food guilt, and starting/stopping a weight loss journey? What kind of time will it free up to let all of that go? To have that off your plate? Where will you reallocate that time and mental energy? How might having more self-confidence and emotional mastery impact your time? What type of physical benefits beyond weight loss might you have that would have a positive impact on your time and mental energy?

That said, the time commitment is a weekly 50-minute coaching call.

Outside of our call, I encourage you to reach out to me between sessions via email and/or Voxer whenever you’d like extra coaching support. The time you’d like to allocate to that is up to you, and I will say many clients do not utilize this feature at all while still creating the results they want.

I also will offer homework via a worksheet between calls on occasion. Should you decide to complete them between calls, that should take about 30 minutes. You can also simply read the prompts and ponder them during the week.

A daily practice of tracking your food is also encouraged. That takes me less than a few minutes each day.

I have a roadmap to success for my clients based in the pillars of the Weight Loss for Entrepreneurs program, which are Soothe Stress, Shed Pounds, and Shine Bright. This is the lens I look through when coaching clients on an individual level, making sure to address each of these areas to create lasting weight loss but specifically tailoring our coaching to address their specific preferences, circumstances, and bio individuality. Each client is at a unique starting point with different goals as well, which we honor in our 1:1 coaching.

I have a different brain, different training, different past personal + professional experiences than 100% of everyone else out there. There are other fantastic coaches and programs out there helping women with weight loss, and that’s a beautiful thing. If you’re resonating with me specifically, I invite you to schedule a free Strategy Call with me to see if we’re a good fit.

That said, some things I bring to the table are my background in wellness, my past experience with stress + emotional eating, and my approach using mindset, action, and working with the nervous system. I also address stress specifically as a core pillar of my program working with clients, which is important when looking to the root of your stress-eating habits as well as when you’re wanting to make it easier for your body on a hormonal level to let go of the excess fat on your body.

Sometimes life circumstances change for people in such a way where stress-eating becomes a new habit. If it’s not new, it’s just an older habit. I’m trained and experienced to support clients like you to change your habits, regardless of how long you’ve had them! I see people identifying with habits they’ve held for a long time. You might say, “I’m a stress-eater. I’m an emotional eater.” It’s something you’ve identified with, but it’s simply a habit, and I will help you let go of that identity AND the habit. It has never been who you are, and it doesn’t have to be what you do anymore.

You will have a beautiful combination of both physical and mental/emotional weight loss as well as some physical/mental/emotional skill gains. Specific results will be different for everyone as the coaching is tailored specifically to you. The work that we do in this 12-weeks builds your foundation for successful weight loss in the program and beyond, even if you don’t get to your ideal weight within the program.

Absolutely! You’re the boss of your plate! I want you to savor every bite of your favorite foods while still achieving your weight loss goals. This program isn’t about deprivation or strict diets—it’s about finding a sustainable approach that works for you. You’ll learn how to navigate those “special” foods without the guilt trip, empowering you to make mindful choices that support your long-term success. So go ahead, enjoy your favorites guilt-free!

Setbacks and challenges are goldmines for growth. I help my clients to mine them for the gold. We’ll get a clear picture of what’s underneath the challenge and what created the setback, and we will address it in coaching to make changes where appropriate while also inviting in self-compassion and building resilience to get right back on track. It’s so common to get derailed after a “mistake,” and a beautiful part of working with my clients is to be able to learn from them, let them go, and move on quickly.

During the 12-week Weight Loss for Entrepreneurs program, you will lose weight while we will lay the foundation for continued weight loss success. If you’d like to continue receiving high-level support from me as your coach throughout the remainder of your weight loss journey, I offer 4-week packages or one-off sessions for past clients. My rates go down for previous clients!

It's time to invest in yourself and prioritize your well-being.

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