Hi, I’m Caitie! So glad you’re here!

I’m Caitie, a Holistic Weight Loss Coach dedicated to helping women let go of this struggle with food, their bodies, and stress once and for all.

I’m passionate about helping women lose weight as they grow their business, so they can feel more confident in putting themselves out there.

I used to struggle with losing weight too.

I completely understand what it’s like to set a goal and then totally self-sabotage your results.

I used to always start fresh on Monday, and then totally fail by Wednesday.

Believe me, I understand you.

It wasn’t until I started addressing the chronic stress in my life and nourishing myself with TRUE pleasure (pleasure without unwanted consequences like weight gain) that I learned the tools and strategies to finally achieve the goal I had for so long.

Now that I have solved this issue for myself, I promised myself I would help other women entrepreneurs just like me.

I know I can help you too.

Qualifications and Expertise That Helps My Clients

My background is in personal training, leading group fitness classes, and running a business as an Institute for Integrative Nutrition Certified Health Coach. I’ve supported myself and clients with various preferences, personalities, health concerns, and unique biological makeup. I’ve been a lifelong wellness junkie, but after my life-changing experience working with a life coach, I developed an insatiable appetite for all things mindset, somatics, and personal development. I am now also certified as a Life + Weight Coach from The Life Coach School as well as a certified Pleasure-Centered Coach.

My Unique Approach to Helping You

I combine mindset, somatics, working with the nervous system, and wellness savvy to give my clients a tailored approach to their weight loss. There is not a one-size-fits-all approach, and I pride myself on being able to go in from whatever angle works for you to create sustainable change.

That said, I can share a few common threads in my approach with clients: we will not be fussing over calories or macros, we will approach this weight loss journey with supporting your business priorities in mind, and you won’t be white-knuckling your way through a thing.

Want your weight loss to be a lasting success?

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